Cutting Up Deer

November 13, 2007

The season is here and now its time to harvest the bounty of the woods and go get a deer for the table. Many hunters would like to process their own deer but think it takes too much time work and effort. It does take a commitment to the process but it is the best way to get the most out of the meat you are going to be eating in the next year. An excellent guide for processing your own deer is available from Its like 5 videos in one;it covers field dressing, skinning, cutting, conditioning, and storing your meat. Most processors are too busy to be as concerned about your deer as you are so take matters into your own hands and start doing it yourself. Save the time the money and the multiple trips to the processor by getting a video like Peeling Deer and start being in control of the prime meat you have taken the time to get for yourself. Be sure to take at least one doe this year and see the difference int the quality of the meat. If we don’t take the does and try to reduce the deer numbers then nature will do it itself as seen this year by the number of blue tongue diseased deer that died this summer because of over population. Help the herd by harvesting more deer and learning how


Season is open for many deercooks

October 24, 2007

Many bow seasons have already opened so the hunting has begun. Its been so hot in a lot of areas that the success rate is very low. The deer are hot so they don’t want to move any more than you do. Hunt the cooler areas such as creeks and hollers where the shade might be cooler. There has been quite a bit of blue tongue disease reported in the southeren states causing concern for the overall herd. No need to worry it is natures way of controlling over population. Keep hunting and take a doe for the frezzer. Check out for a hunters list that will help you get packed for the trip at Buckarama DeerCook Booth in Atlanta

July 30, 2007

This coming weekend is the Buckarama in Atlanta Ga. The Deercook will be there along with most of the nations companies that concentrate their efforts in the deer hunting industries. Come see us at the show and enjoy the interaction of hundreds of deer hunters shopping for products and checking out new gear that ia available at the show. Go to for details and the stop by the deercook booth and say hello! keywords: deer hunting shows archery gun hunting tree stands arrows

BUCKMASTERS Expo This Weekend

July 25, 2007

The Deer Cook will be at the Greensboro,N.C. coliseum this weekend for the Buckmasters Deer Expo. this is one of the best shows of the year. It is a great family event with a special area for the kids. They can shoot bow and arrows and bb guns in a special area set just for them. The 3D Archery tournament is for national recongnition and is  an amazing exhibition of archery skills. Stop by the Deer Cook booth and say hello.

Deercook at The Nashville Deer Show

June 29, 2007

Now is the time of year when there will be deer show across the country where you can go and see the latest products. Talk with outfitters visit with other hunters.There is one in Nashville Tn. July 13,14,15 at the Nashville fairgrounds. <a href=””>The Deer Cook </a>will be there as will many other deer hunting vendors. If you happen to see this and come to the show stop and say hi! and I’ll give you one of the <a href=””>I Love Deer…They’re Delicious!</a> bumper stickers. Do come visit if you can, they are usually a fun event to attend. You can go to the<a href=”“> promoters web site </a>and download a discount coupon for the event. See you at the show.

Summer time and the Deer are Red.

June 23, 2007

Now is the time of year when the deer are raising their young trying to stay cool and looking for good browse. Be sure to keep water around for them and all the woodland creatures. If you can leave some salt out for them this is the time of year they need it. The bucks are  starting to show some promise and the does are starting to encourage the young to live on their own cause the season change comes fast. Cook some venison this week, if you nee a recipe or two check out 

Try to get a tender one !

June 13, 2007

This upcoming deer season seems to be along way off but it will be here sooner than you think. Now is a good time to start practicing with your bow so by the fall you will be ready for that all important shot. If you are a gun hunter ,get your rifles out and check them over, try and shoot them a couple times to be sure they hit where they’re supposed to. This year consider taking some does off the public lands and off your farms so that the deer population will remain healthy and strong. There are definitely enough does that a few used for your meat source will be good for you and the heard. Take some venison out of the freezer and cook up last years meat so you will be ready for fresh meat. Get some recipe ideas and cook that venison!

I Love Deer…Theyr’e Delicious

June 7, 2007

Oh, it’s gamey! How could you eat something like that! No thanks not in my house! All valid comments from people who have had poor venison experiences. Also valid are: It taste as good as any beef! This is better for my heart! I don’t worry about preservatives and chemicals being pumped into my venison. I control every step of taking care of the meat I consume. So let the debates begin! Some of us love deer… they’re delicious and some of us don’t. Please exchange positive information with each other and lets see if we can learn how to consume Americas original red meat in ways that make it enjoyable for everyone.